MED club launches first meeting

Members anticipate learning opportunities


Ruthie Posada

Freshman Audrey Brown gives a suggestion for a potential speaker at MED club at the first meeting Sept. 17. The next MED club meeting will be Oct. 1 in A313.

Ruthie Posada

The first Medical Education Development club meeting kicked off by giving members the opportunity to request potential guest speakers, according to senior and club leader Sofia Seewald.

“I wanted to get suggestions on what people wanted to see this year, who they wanted to hear from,” Seewald said.

Senior Ashley Walsh said she appreciated familiarizing herself with other club members and hearing about future opportunities.

“I enjoyed getting to know all the new members of the club and hearing (Seewald) talk about all the fun stuff we’re going to be doing this year,” Walsh said.

According to Seewald, she hopes to improve the regularity of meetings and invite more people to speak this year.

“Last year meetings were a lot less frequent because sometimes it’s hard to contact speakers throughout the year,” Seewald said. “This year I’m hoping to be more on top of it and bring in speakers at least once a month or twice a month. That way people can really see what they actually want to do.”

Sophomore Raquel Schlichting said she’s eager to go on field trips and learn from professionals.

“If we take any field trips those would be super fun to (visit) healthcare centers and the (University of Minnesota), that would be really cool,” Schlichting said. “Also seeing some of the speakers and hearing from people in the (medical) field.”

Walsh said she decided to join Medical Education Development (MED) club because of her potential career aspirations.

“I’m interested in a career in the medical field and I wanted to know more about the specific jobs,” Walsh said.

According to Seewald, she hopes to invite people from not just one field of medicine.

“I just hope to bring in more speakers from different areas in the medical field rather than just bringing in a Pediatrician or a Nurse. I want to bring in more really cool people,” Seewald said.

Seewald says she wishes MED club will diversify and more people will join this year.

“Going into the school year I hope MED club grows more into more of a diverse club,” Seewald said. “I’m just hoping more people become involved.”

The next MED club meeting will host a guest speaker 8 a.m. Oct. 1 in A313.