GLCs enforce senior open lunch policy

Photo identification required to leave campus


Grace Farley

Senior Ryan Klaers gets his ID checked at the C doors Sept. 12.

Sumaya Mohamed and Yonit Krebs

Heading to McDonald’s, sophomore Hafza Da’ud said she was surprised when a grade level coordinator (GLC) caught her and wrote her name down. Da’ud said he then sent her off with a warning that next time an incident happened she would have to speak with the assistant principals.

On September 8, an announcement informed students that seniors leaving campus for lunch must show their photo ID.

According to Assistant Principal Charles Johnson-Nixon, the new photo ID requirement will help staff ensure the only students leaving for lunch are seniors.

“Technically only seniors are allowed to leave the building for lunch, so if a senior has their ID and they’re going out for lunch, all they really have to do is flash it,” Johnson-Nixon said. “If they don’t have that, especially for me who someone who’s new to the building, I don’t know all the seniors and so I’m going to look at someone and say ‘what grade are you in?’” Johnson-Nixon said.

Sophomore Amira Ali said she was caught off guard by the GLC’s new enforcement.

“I went to Super America and the GLC Rob was there basically waiting for me and I didn’t know that then. I didn’t want to eat school food, I don’t like it, so I sneaked out with my friend and the GLC was there,” Ali said. “I didn’t really get in trouble, he just told me to go back and I didn’t get any food.”

Junior Leensa Ahmed said she thinks juniors should also be allowed to leave school for lunch.

“I went (to McDonalds) before and I never got caught,” Ahmed said. “I think that (the administration is) trying to set an example for the younger people who just started high school.”

Johnson-Nixon said requiring students to carry their IDs allows for the school to better ensure students’ safety, as well as instill a habit that will benefit students outside of a school environment.

“Here’s the thing, in the world outside of school, your ID is one one of the most important things you carry because it helps you be identified,” Johnson-Nixon said. “You can’t do anythin

g without a driver’s license, you can’t get some over-the-counter medicines without a driver’s license.”

Da’ud said she thinks this policy unfairly limits lunch options for students.

“I hate this policy because it’s unfair. It’s our lunch break and we should be allowed to eat what we want,” Da’ud said. “Mcdonald’s isn’t even that far off, but still there are security guards or GLCs at every exit. Nothing serious could happen, there are people always outside.”