Faculty to receive new laptops

Distrcit technology levy funds 13″ Macbook Air computers

Dani Orloff

According to district director of information services Tom Marble, who was interviewed via email, all teachers will be given new 13” Apple Macbook Air laptops in February.

“We have a life-cycle for equipment across the district. Teacher laptops were due to be replaced as per this cycle,” Marble said. “District-wide, all classroom teachers, special education teachers, teachers on special assignment, some support staff and administrators that currently have a Macbook Pro will be receiving a new laptop.”

According to Marble, the new devices will include the most recent technological updates.

“The new laptops will be faster, lighter and have longer battery life than the current machines,” Marble said. “They will also have the latest wireless network technology.”

Junior Ana Armbrecht said she feels the new technological devices will provide teachers with greater teaching opportunities.

“I think that’s probably a good thing because they always complain about theirs and it could be helpful for them to speed up the grading process, and obviously teaching us in more a

dvanced ways,” Armbrecht said.

Freshman Colby Hoeschen said he believes students should benefit from the district’s technology levy.

“The students should get them first because the teachers already have functioning computers that work well,” Hoeschen said. “The students have nothing, we just have chromebooks that no one can take care of.”

According to Marble, computer devices are not provided to every staff member in the district.

“All employees that require a computer to perform their job duties are provided one by the district,” Marble said. “Not all staff require a laptop.  Some have desktop computers.”