Dollars for Scholars grants Financial Aid to seniors

Seniors receive financial support


Muna Ali

Senior Joshua Somaiah fills out his application for Dollars for Scholars on March 14, 2018. Applications were due Thursday, March 15 at 3 p.m.

Sofie Geretz

Amid stress, seniors are able to apply for scholarships with Dollars for Scholars. Doing so, they are able to receive financial aid for their post-secondary educations, according to freshman counselor and scholarship coordinator Barbara Nelson.

“For many, (Dollars for Scholars) helps ease the financial burden of college education and is a recognition of their accomplishments in (high school),” Nelson said. “Dollars for Scholars is a community- driven way to financially support graduating seniors with scholarships.”

Senior D’aviyan Robison, who is applying for the scholarships said the positive effect they can have on her financial state encouraged her application.

“I decided to apply because college is going to be expensive and it’s a very easy way to earn some money to put toward school because even a little counts in the long run,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she appreciates the uncomplicated process of applying for a scholarship.

“The best aspect about the program is that it’s based within the community, and it’s so easy for us to simply apply. I love how everyone is basically guaranteed a scholarship just by applying because there are just so many to go around,” Robinson said.

Nelson said the process, which began toward the beginning of the year, is straightforward.

“(Regarding) applying for scholarships, we introduce it to seniors at a meeting in February. It is an easy process to apply if students follow the directions.” Nelson said.

Robinson said the recent senior meeting explained the scholarship applying process simply and clearly.

“It honestly wasn’t that difficult just because we were able to run through everything during the senior meeting. They gave us all the information we need and made it clear what we needed to do. Like step-by-step they went through everything so that helped a lot,” Robinson said.

Robinson said she urges others to try out Dollars for Scholars, even though it may seem unimportant.

“Yes, I would definitely recommend (Dollars for Scholars) because like I said, college is going to be expensive, so anything is going to help in relieving some of the financial burden. I think that some people are just too lazy to do it, but if you think about it long term, the money could go toward books or something like that just by simply applying,” Robinson said.

According to Nelson, information about the Dollars for Scholars organization in St. Louis Park can be found on the St. Louis Park Dollars for Scholars Website. Applications for Dollars for Scholars are due on March 15 at 3 p.m.