Park community shows support for volleyball team at State

Fans show continuous energy for team despite loss


Eden Swartz

Seniors Ava Bishop, Sarah McCallon, Emma Roloff and Sydney Ring yell after the referee makes a call against Park. The dress code Nov. 7 was blackout.

Colin Canaday, Harris Keekley

“O-R-I-O-L-E-S” erupted throughout the Xcel Energy Center  arena as more than 500 fans cheered on the Park volleyball team in their first State appearance on Nov. 7.

Senior Rakesh Plantz said he noticed Eagan brought a lot of energy to the game and decided to counter it.

“We provided the same energy back and tried to make it so that the girls on the court really felt that,” Plantz said.

According to sophomore Will Dooley, he was proud of how the girls played and thinks that they did well.

“I think they brought their A-game,” Dooley said. “It took a little bit to just get all readied up, but once they were there they performed very consistently.” 

Senior Patrick Djerf said he had a great time at the game and enjoyed the large crowd.

“It was fun to go out and support the team and it was fun to see how many students came to the game,” Djerf said.

According to freshman Scarlett Burkhart, she was interested to see the girls play.

“I was really excited (when I found out) they were going to state,” Burkhart said. “I’m (playing) volleyball next year, so I wanted to watch the game.”

Park will play against Moorhead 9 a.m. Nov. 8 at Xcel Energy Center.