New printer system to help Park financially

Still difficult for students to print with new practice


Ryan Barnett

Senior Blake Grant grabs a piece of paper from the student printer Dec. 2 in the At-Large Lab. According to librarian Ellen George, students and teachers now use separate printers.

Adin Zweigbaum

Librarian Ellen George said the whole printing system has changed, with different printers for students and faculty.

 “There’s a whole separate print system for staff and students,” George said. “Now it’s a process where the teachers send a print job, and they have to go badge in to have the print job released.”

Principal Scott Meyers said the reason for the change was to help prevent unnecessary spending.

“The system that was put in was to better monitor how much we’re spending on printing,” Meyers said. “To then be able to look at it and say ‘is this the proper allocation or do we want to change practices to create space for other things?’”

Junior Eli Seehof-Flory said he believes students should have access to printers no matter what they are printing. 

“All students should have free access to a printer, it’s almost a basic right as a student to have one,” Seehof-Flory said. “Our school should stop putting rules and regulations onto the wrong things.”

George said there are still problems with the printers because many students don’t know how to properly use them.

“When you go up and say you want to print, you have to go to the drop-down menu where it defaults to save as PDF, you have to choose to see more, and then look for the color printer for students and that’s tough,” George said. “I’ve shown people when they come in and they know what to do after that but that’s not easy or intuitive.”

Seehof-Flory said the change will also help students, as the old system had flaws and is an inconvenience for him and other students.

“It’s less efficient and I don’t see a way how students or teachers benefit from it,” Seehof-Flory said. “It also makes things harder for students to work after school, especially those who don’t have access to study hall time or can’t use a printer at home.”

George explained it can be difficult for students using Chromebooks due to the new practice having a different type of printing.

“When you go to print on a Google device, it’s a Google Cloud print, so it’s going to show up a little differently and that’s wherein the upper right you want to click see more and then look for the appropriate lab and choose that,” George said. “It’s one of those things that once you see it and do it a couple of times you feel confident, and now it’s so much better than the beginning of the year.”