Dakota bikeway approved by City Council

New project offers alternative way of transportation

Sam Swisher

As city engineer Ben Manibog reflects on the passing of the Dakota bikeway project he said he is pleased that the project will be entering the final design phase.

“I’m happy that we’re able to move along with the project. It’s been a long process,” Manibog said. “It’s been very detailed as we work toward a better design since this was the second round of community engagement for it.”

The project is part of the city’s 10-year plan to add more bikeways, sidewalks and trails throughout the city. It’s estimated to cost $443,000 and was approved by the City Council Dec. 2 with a 4-2 vote.

Junior Clayton Horstman Olson said the Dakota bikeway project will help protect bikers.

“I used to take the Greenway to bike to school and due to that being down I’m having to take sidewalks along the roads in order to get to school,” Horstman Olson said.

According to junior Macy Martinson, bikeways will help make interactions between bikers and drivers safer.

“I think the bike paths are a perfect start to becoming bike-friendly,” Martinson said. “They will help condition drivers to help be safer on the roads when bikers are around so it will make it more comfortable going out and biking places.”

I’m happy that we’re able to move along with the project. It’s been a long process.

— Ben Manibog

Horstman Olson said making bike infrastructure improvements will improve students’ odds of biking to school.

“Promoting more bike paths along the road and having bike locks for people to easily access (will help make the city more bike-friendly),” Horstman Olson said.

Construction is scheduled to happen from the spring to fall of 2020.