Student Council holds dodgeball tournament for Sno Daze Week

Event fosters competitiveness between students


Nebyu Bekele

Junior Marissa Boettcher prepares for a throw at the Sno Daze Dodgeball Tournament. The tournament was held on Feb. 18

Tenzin Gyaldatsang and Adam Gips

After participating in the Sno Daze dodgeball tournament Feb. 18, sophomore Freya Wade said she enjoyed the event because of the enthusiasm and overall joy for the game.

“I liked the competitiveness and how we all took it seriously and how we just had fun at the end of the day,” Wade said.

Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said Sno Daze events are a great way for students in all grade-levels to socialize and compete amongst each other.

“I think it is a good reason for students to just get out in the middle of the winter and enjoy time together,” Lindenberg said. “A lot of times, there aren’t events where students are able to kind of mix grade-levels, and kind of mingle with their peers for some friendly competition, and the event itself tends to be fun being a six-person team.”

Team Free Tay-K won the tournament and each team member received a $10 Target gift card. The Gymnastics Six team each received a $5 Starbucks gift card for second place. 

Senior Thomas Salamzadeh said he participated in the tournament because of his team’s will to compete in the contest.

I think it is a good reason for students to just get out in the middle of the winter and enjoy time together.

— Sarah Lindenberg

“We all like dodgeball and in the past it’s been super competitive and fun, so we decided to do it again,” Salamzadeh said.

Lindenberg said the long weekend and the short notice for participation in the event might have affected fan and student participation.

“Although there was some publicity that went out last week and it’s been on the calendar, so the people have known about it, but I think it being a quick turnaround after a long weekend sometimes causes the lower participation too,” Lindenberg said.

Salamzadeh said he would have participated in more events like the dodgeball tournament if given the chance.

“It’s senior year, so there’s not much coming for me, but I’ve done this all four years so it’s definitely something I want to do,” Salamzadeh said.

Lindenberg said the player-swapping concept implemented by the Student Council assisted in balancing the teams and making an overall better playing experience.

“That was the idea of some of the Student Council members, that if they depending on how they were matching up. We could mix the teams up and have them play a few games that way and it seemed they had a lot of fun playing that,” Lindeberg said. “They played probably 10 plus games that way, so that was fun to see.”