Three vs. Three Basketball tournament brings out competitiveness, sportsmanship

Teams go head to head as part of SnoDaze week


Noah Orloff

Senior Sammy Ruff goes up for a layup during the 3 vs. 3 basketball tournament Feb. 19. Ruff played for team Squirrels, which lost in the finals to team Trio Trouble.

Tobias Khabie

Competition and hard work were key to winning the three vs. three tournament as a part of Sno-Daze week, according to sophomore Deontez Ross, who along with sophomore Will Dvorak and junior Tyshawn Lyons, won the event.

“It was tough, there was some competition,” Ross said. “No one played lazily, it was a good championship game. We played hard, shared the ball, so it was good (competition) throughout the tournament.”

While players from all 12 teams brought out their competitive sides, Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg said nobody got too heated.

“(There is) good energy in the gym today, a lot of good sportsmanship and teamwork and just playing for fun, which I appreciate, and a healthy amount of like competition,” Lindenberg said. “No one’s overly competitive, so it’s a good atmosphere.”

According to Ross, his team came in confident they would win because all three members are on the boys’ varsity basketball team.

“We knew we were going to win coming in,” Ross said. “We had shooters, we all played defense, so we knew we had a pretty good advantage, we all are varsity athletes.”

According to senior Jacob Brown, the tournament provided an opportunity for students to play basketball with their friends.

“A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to play,” Brown said. “So a lot of them come out here and play just to have fun, kind of (mess) around with their friends. Always a good time doing it.”

According to Lyons, he enjoyed that the tournament gave him the chance to play against people he normally doesn’t get to play.

“It’s just fun to get a different look and play with more people that you haven’t really been playing with,” Lyons said.

The three vs. three tournament is a part of a week full of events leading up to the Sno Daze dance Feb. 22. Tickets are currently being sold for the dance for $15 dollars during lunch.