Pickleball game runs until sundown

Team ‘Pickle Ricks’ take home victory


Aisha Hersi

Senior Evie Gutzke serves the ball to opposing team during the Homecoming pickleball tournament Oct. 1. The tournament was part of many Homecoming festivities that were modified from last year to comply with state social distancing regulations.

Aisha Hersi and Juweriya Sherif

Even with the chilly 48-degree weather and setting sun, dozens of Park students showed up for the Homecoming week Pickleball tournament on Oct. 1st. 

According to Student Council Representative Michael Boxley-Harmon, the number of people that showed up was beyond his expectations. 

“I thought it was going to be (fewer) people, but apparently it’s more than I thought it was gonna be,” Boxley said. 

Senior Evie Gutzke, a participant in the tournament, said it was a good refresher after all the work and assignments she’s been completing this past month.

It felt like a good break from being inside doing school online to getting outside and being active

— Evie Gutzke

With eight double teams starting the tournament, the team ‘Pickle Ricks’ took the winning title. Math teacher Bobby Otto said that even though his team with math teacher Chad Austad ended up winning, he was excited to participate mainly to see future and past students. 

“Just to see the students is really why we did it, Otto said. “It was chilly and dark, but we all had a fun time here.” 

Senior Anna Jensen said this event allowed her to take advantage of the few chances she has to participate in school events due to COVID-19. 

“There’s a lot less to do with school events this year and actually seeing people, so I wanted to take advantage by doing this today,” Jensen said. 

Chalk art, the next homecoming event, took place on the driveways of Park students on Friday, Oct. 2.