‘After School Help’ offers academic guidance

Individual help available for students Tuesdays, Thursdays


Lauren Thon

Junior Tommy Hiemenz works on his computer in the Oriole Study Nest Dec. 29. Starting Jan. 7, students can sign. up to receive help after school.

Johanna Kaplan

Amidst the difficulties of online learning, Kelly Brown, Building Assets and Reducing Risks coordinator and Kari Conroy, learning/writing lab director, made it their mission to help students succeed. Through brainstorming, they have created after-school help sessions for students seeking support with schoolwork.

“(We’re) trying to figure out what in this unique situation of learning is going to be the best for students and how and when we can help them,” Brown said.

Starting Jan. 7, students can sign up for individual help sessions on the student support app or by emailing Kelly Brown or Kari Conroy. Brown is taking appointments with freshman and sophomores; Conroy with juniors and seniors. The time slots available are from 3:30-5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It’s not too late to engage. If you have been reluctant to do so teachers are being very understanding and flexible.

— Kari Conroy

For students in need of help with schoolwork,  After School Help is a convenient outlet for guidance, according to Conroy. 

“We think it will provide students a time to access help when they might be able to actually access it since it’s outside the school day,” Conroy said. “We’re trying to find times that are more convenient for students.”

Sophomore Siggy Cassuto said meeting with teachers online has proved itself beneficial. She plans to sign up for after school help in the future. 

“I could talk with (teachers) one-on-one (about) what I was struggling with and they knew how to help me out based on what I told them. It’s a good way to connect with your teacher,” Cassuto said.

According to freshman Camille Ramberg, reaching out to teachers and staying organized helps her stay on track. 

“You have to self-advocate,” Ramberg said. “If you don’t, that is not going to go well and your schoolwork might just grow and that can be very overwhelming.”

According to Conroy, it is important to push through and know that there are many student services available. 

“It’s not too late to engage. If you have been reluctant to do so teachers are being very understanding and flexible,” Conroy said.