Class registration to begin shortly

Course selection for the 2021-22 school year to take place in Park Connections


Photo illustration by Gabriel Kaplan. According to Ninth Grade Counselor Barb Nelson, class registration for next fall will take place in Park Connections a few weeks into the second semester.

Gabriel Kaplan

Junior Robert Perelman said he likes the idea of registering for next year’s classes in Park Connections, as Ninth Grade Counselor Barb Nelson said is planned, because it gives purpose to a class that he feels lacks significance.

“Usually in my Park Connections, we don’t have a lot to do, so it’ll give us a useful time to do it and we won’t have to waste time in any of the core classes,” Perelman said.

Nelson said registration will take place the week of Feb. 15. A near complete list of classes is available on the 2021 registration web page, with the exception of some art classes, and the counseling office encourages students to reach out to current teachers to decide which courses are best for them. Students’ Park Connections teachers will serve as their first line of support when it comes to registration, according to Nelson.

“Our goal is to have the Connections’ teachers be that person who works individually with each of their kids,” Nelson said. “(They will) review their schedules, make sure what they have is good and that they are entering with the hope to have it submitted by (Feb.) 19.”

Sophomore Adina Tirado said she usually picks classes with her interests and strenuous classes in mind. 

“(I register for) whatever sounds interesting. Last year I signed up for creative writing, I like stuff like that, and other things that interest me but don’t sound like they would be so overwhelming because I’m already taking harder classes,” Tirado said.

Perelman said he recommends students new to the registration process pursue their interests and take challenging, but manageable courses. 

“For electives, choose what interests you. Don’t just do what your friends do, do what you wanna do,” Perelman said. “For your core classes for rising freshmen and people that are transferring — depending on what you are comfortable with and what subjects you feel more confident with — I would maybe go with the honors or AP level.”

In addition to deciding registration would take part in Park Connections, Nelson said the administration plans to replace embedded health with a full semester, one-credit course. Tirado said she feels the change makes sense.

“It serves the same purpose and it’s only one semester,” Tirado said. “I feel like it’s more efficient this way. (You) don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Nelson said she asks students to bear with the counseling office as they navigate a registration season more challenging than normal.

“I would just tell kids to be patient with us, we’ll try to get all the information out to you and work with your Connections’ teachers,” Nelson said. “It will be tricky this year, but we’ll get through it and get everybody registered so we have a good plan hopefully next year to return.”

According to Nelson, students can reach out to their grade-level counselor with questions or registration issues. Their emails are available on the Park website.