Assistant football coach passed away

Team grieves, remembers


Used with permission from Rob Griffin.

Braeden Weiss — described by his players as a dedicated, supportive man and Park’s assistant football coach — passed away unexpectedly March 23.

Since his first year on the team three years ago, junior Will Dvorak said Weiss was a constant source of inspiration and support for him and his teammates. 

“He just set the mindset of hard work. He always pushed me to do better, he doesn’t just let you get off easy and that’s the mindset there’s been with him and just everyone around us,” Dvorak said. 

To support the grieving players and coaches, Park set up a room where they could come in either in-person or virtually March 24. 

From the classroom to the field, defensemen and sophomore Zach Johnson said Weiss always supported him and pushed him to reach his full potential.

“He always taught me to work my butt off in everything I do — whether it’s school or on a football field — just (to) do my best. And that doing your best will pay off in the end,” Johnson said. 

Weiss was there for his players and strived to make positive connections with them and coaches both on and off the field, according to athletic director Andy Ewald.  

“He had credibility with them because not only did he know the game of football, but he was really consistent,” Ewald said. “He was open. He was genuine, and I think that built trust with him and with the players that he worked with.”

For Johnson, he said he felt Weiss always believed in him and his teammates which kept him motivated to keep improving.

“No matter what, he was always there to support you — no matter if you did bad in the game, no matter if you did good, he was always there trying to help you do your best,” Johnson said. “No matter why, even through the lows, he was always there to support you.”