How to: Get your vaccine

Appointment availability skyrockets along with inoculated population


Emmy Pearson

As COVID-19 vaccines are approved and appointments become increasingly available, more students will be able to get inoculated.

Gabriel Kaplan

For months after the first COVID-19 vaccines were approved, the U.S saw exponential demand for a relatively limited supply. But the tides have turned. According to MinnPost, Minnesota has a surplus of available vaccine appointments.

This article will provide a guide for those who have not yet been vaccinated and either worry about the safety of the vaccine (See: “Is it safe?”) or hope to be inoculated soon but do not know how (See: “How can I get my vaccine?”).

Is it safe?

Fears about the long-term safety of the vaccine are understandable. It was developed recently and there are rare cases of severe side effects. However, they are safe — certainly much safer than catching COVID-19. According to Harvard Medical School, the three vaccines currently being used in the United States offer high immunity from COVID-19 and little risk of long-term repercussions. This is true for all individuals of any age.

The odds of dying from the vaccine are no higher than those of dying randomly in a lighting strike. One study found that 0.00081% passed on after being vaccinated — although the cause of death in many of these cases was not the vaccine, so the actual rate is much closer to 0. In contrast, tens of thousands of young people have died from COVID-19 while many more faced hospitalization.

So, in short, yes the vaccines are safe, especially when compared to the alternative (catching COVID-19).

How can I get my vaccine?

Pfizer is approved for individuals 16 and older. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are only for those over 18. Johnson & Johnson is one dose while the others are two. See the following to schedule your appointment:

MOA: Plenty of Pfizer appointments available at the Mall of America.

CVS: Offers plenty of doses of Pfizer, including ones close to and in St. Louis Park.

Costco: The St. Louis Park location usually offers a variety of Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer appointments.

Thrifty White: Hosts many Pfizer appointments at Plymouth and other locations.

Hy-Vee: Offers all vaccine types in locations around the Western suburbs.

For questions about reserving a vaccine appointment, contact [email protected].