Stressful yet worth it

AP testing offer various benefits


Zoe Ziessman

Sophomore Sam Pilner studies for the AP European History exam April 21. Students are preparing for AP exams coming up in early May.

Mya Stanberry

Advanced Placement (AP) classes are courses that offer college-level materials that entail an exam at the end of the year, certain scores on these exams can earn college credits.

However testing can be very stressful and not everyone can take standardized tests as well as others, but in taking an AP class you should be prepared. Junior Sigalit Cassuto said that although testing is stressful, it can help you prepare for future exams.

“I think those (tests) are really stressful, but are helpful in the end, maybe not necessarily for scores for college but teaching you lessons on how to study for big tests like that,” Cassuto said.

The AP exam is meant to test students on their ability to withhold college material. The exam scores out of five and essentially if you score a three and above you can earn college credit as a three is qualified or average. 

Freshman Kiran Alwy hasn’t taken an AP test before, but said she feels her teacher is helping her to prepare, but is also a more independent study.

“My class is preparing me for it, also it’s my responsibility to prepare myself and I’m not sure if I’m doing that quite too much to my full ability,” Alwy said. 

I think those (tests) are really stressful, but are helpful in the end

— Sigalit Cassuto

According to AP Environmental Science teacher Patrick Hartman, he’s been having his students work on practice questions and what to expect on the test so they won’t go in blind-sighted.

“I don’t want them to get discouraged by getting a couple wrong because it’s not like a normal test you take in school, you know, like it’s about really getting as many of the points as they can,” Hartman said, “I would say all the work I do throughout the school year is really trying to prepare them for the take this test.”

Many students take an AP class for the challenge and fast paced learning. Freshman Autumn Walberg said it can help her in the future.

“It’s beneficial, mainly because everybody there wants to be there and wants the harder class and it’s a more focused environment for everyone,” Walberg said.

Because AP teaching is more attuned to a college course it makes you more used to how courses will be making it easier for you in college. Cassuto said that her classes will benefit her, she also likes the work.

“I really enjoy the challenge, the classes really help me personally prepare for college,” Cassuto said, “they are so much harder than all my other classes.”