Student-run clothing closet provides for community

Clothing closet open to all students daily


Zoe Ziessman

Students stock the clothing closet with winter gear. The clothing closet is open for all students during fifth hour, Mondays through Fridays, in B226.

Eliah Fink

As the weather is getting colder, some students may be in need of extra layers. Park’s solution to this problem: the clothing closet in room B226.

Park’s clothing closet is a resource where students can find clothing, accessories and hygiene items they need. The clothing closet is overseen by teacher Abby Lugo, in Park’s business management and operations class, but is ultimately student-run. 

“I don’t run it,” Lugo said. “It’s a student-run organization, and has been for about three or four years.”

Lugo also mentioned the clothing closet underwent some changes last year. 

“We restructured the Business Department last year and we had to combine some classes,” Lugo said. “We still wanted to keep it running and fit it into our business and management operations curriculum.” 

As a result of these changes, the Business Management and Operations class is now split into three parts. The students are divided into three groups, managing the birdfeeder, Storiole and the clothing closet, respectively. 

Lugo said the clothing closet accepts donations of clothes, winter gear and hygiene products to be given for free to any student who needs them.

“Students identified it as a need of their peers and their community to have a place where students could access clothing, hats, mittens, boots and personal hygiene products right in the school,” Lugo said.

Out of the nine students running the clothing closet, each has an important role in keeping the closet available for the community. Senior Tevin Murphy shared his role in running the clothing closet. 

“I’m doing graphic design for the clothing closet and I also manage the website,” Murphy said. 

The program runs every day during the students’ fifth hour class, according to senior Calder Horton. 

“People got no drip out here,” Horton said. “We got to kind of bless them, you know? We have to put out good material, good quality.” 

Horton began the business management class this year and said he encourages others to join.

“It is a cool opportunity to help the community during school,” Horton said. “I help organize the clothes, making sure they are usable for the kids who may pick them up, and organizing them based on what they are as well.”

The easiest way to help out the clothing closet is by donating. Any clothing or winter gear items — new or used — that could be reused by some other student go a long way when donated.  Additionally, unused hygiene products can be donated. 

The clothing closet is open daily during fifth period in B226 — for no charge and with no questions asked.