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St. Louis Park library reopens


Ena Mekic

Junior Sofia Jerney and sophomore Isaiah Brown browse through the books in the St. Louis Park Library. The library recently reopened and provides a welcoming space for students to check out books and study.

Aidan Shafton

After the St. Louis Park Library was closed for four months due to maintenance, it has finally reopened and is back in business. According to senior Lauren Thon, the closure of the library took away a calm place for her to get schoolwork done, so its reopening ended up coming in handy. 

“The library for me has been a nice quiet place to study and do homework,” Thon said. “That quiet space returning when the library reopened was really convenient for me.”

Head librarian of the St. Louis Park Library Lisa Kjellander said the library offers lots of resources that offer accessibility to homework help and studying, with some of the resources being available online.

“We have materials that you don’t even have to physically come into the library to use including databases for homework and homework help services,” Kjellander said. “We also have some meeting spaces for studying if you need a place where you and three friends can come and study.”

Junior Noam Halpern said the library reopening was timely, since it gave him a place to prepare as finals week was approaching.

“The library reopening close to finals week was very helpful,” Halpern said. “The resources they offer definitely gave me a boost when I was studying.”

Kjellander said she would prefer if more high schoolers stopped by the library, especially to accumulate volunteer hours at the library due to its numerous opportunities.

“We would love to see more high schoolers coming in,” Kjellander said. “We offer volunteer opportunities for high schoolers to come and volunteer in the library. It doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, but I know students have volunteer hours that are supposed to be done for certain classes and we are definitely a place where you can come and do that.”

Thon said she is one of few high schoolers that access the library and said she urges her peers to utilize its unique tools.

“I don’t see very many high schoolers in the library,” Thon said. “I would definitely recommend taking advantage of it to other Park students, it has helped me a lot.”

Kjellander said everyone working at the library could not be more excited to be reopened and they appreciate the positive messages they have been receiving.

“We’re so happy to be back and open,” Kjellander said. “It’s lovely to hear people say that they missed us because we missed being here.”

The St. Louis Park Library can be found at 3240 Library Ln, St Louis Park, MN 55426. For more information, visit their website here.