Seniors make one more memory

Lex Lee

With The class of ‘23 coming to an end the seniors had their senior walk on June 1st. They went back to their elementary schools and walked through the schools to celebrate with the younger students and elementary teachers. 

Senior Arika Barth said it was exciting to return to her elementary school with her friends and relive the memories one last time before graduation.

“We had the opportunity to go back to our elementary schools with our childhood friends,” Barth said. “It felt great to be back and enjoy the moment one more time before I leave high school.” 

Senior Ava Hart said she’s sad to leave high school. Although she is happy to see new things and experience new things.

“I’m sad to finally leave this school with the memories I’ve had with friends, teachers and staff,” Hart said. “But I’m happy to finally be able to go to college and try new things and grow up after high school.” 

Senior Joey Falzone said it’s important for seniors to do this walk because it’s a chapter in their life that they can look back on, and it makes graduation more eager for them.

“It shows the fact that they care about their students and let us enjoy this opportunity,” Falzone said. “It allows students to open a new chapter in their life.”

According to Hart, the students were eager to do this walk at the elementary schools and have been preparing by practicing being in line properly to prepare themselves for this opportunity.

“We’ve been practicing with the other students and teachers to prepare to walk the schools,” Hart said. “I’ve also been talking about it to my friends. I get more nervous when the day I graduate comes closer and closer.”

Falzone said being able to share one more moment with his friends from their years at Park makes it more special to them. Considering graduation is coming up.

“The experience I had at the high school was very interesting with the new opportunities coming into my life, realizing that I’m getting older and turning into an adult,” Falzone said. “Senior year was mostly just me thinking about college. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends walk at graduation.”