The importance of a self-care routine

How to take care of yourself during the winter months


Patricia Lopez-Milian

As the semester ends, one tends to focus more on their grades rather than themselves. Over the years I’ve learned that one can both manage their grades and have a self-care routine without one having to worry. Maintaining a self-care routine in your day-to-day life is important. 

One way in which I try to include self-care into my daily routine is by listening to a podcast while doing my work. I’ve learned that it helps keep me focused on my work and it encourages me to finish my work on time. Since podcasts tend to be hour-long, I give myself a certain amount of work I have to complete before the podcast is done. Some podcasts I tend to listen to while doing homework is Emergency intercom and Crime Junkie. 

I also try to give myself breaks between homework. By doing so it helps me feel accomplished in the amount of work I’ve completed. The breaks tend to be between 15-30 minutes, where I usually go on my phone and watch Tik Toks or snack on something. I usually repeat this process twice. In the end, it feels rewarding because I get work done without being completely tired out by the end. It gives my brain time off from focusing so much on the homework. 

During the weekends, I tend to bake to relieve stress from the homework I have to do. It’s a nice form of self-care because it keeps my brain focused on one single task. Distracting me from whatever I’m stressed about, but also comes with a sweet reward at the end. Baking is one of my favorite forms of self-care because I learn something new while also having fun. 

The two final things I enjoy doing as a form of self-care are either reading a book or painting. During the school week when I’m feeling overwhelmed with the workload, I try to find a book that seems interesting and start reading it. Reading is a calming activity one can do anywhere, anytime. Whenever I have the time I also grab some paint and brushes and paint something while listening to music. By doing so I’m able to relax and let my mind roam free for however long I want. 

As the school year progresses I encourage students to try and find a form of self-care that works for them. Whether it’s an indoor activity or an outdoor one. By being both helpful and fun, establishing a self-care routine should be a part of everyone’s life.