Study halls restrict students

Open hours should be attainable for any period


Lily Nugteren

As a senior, I’ve had my fair share of study halls, and over time I’ve found that I often have nothing to do and waste hours sitting in class. However, due to current procedures, open hours are only an option for those who have a study hall during either first or seventh period. 

Open hours should be attainable for students. Last semester, I had study halls during both third and fourth period, meaning I had an hour and a half where I couldn’t leave even though I had nothing to do. This semester, I have a similar schedule of two study halls in a row, making my time less productive. 

Based on current study hall policies, I am not allowed to make those periods open hours, but many would greatly benefit from that rule being changed. If I could free up those classes, in that hour and a half, I could take advantage of this time by going home and relaxing, running errands, walking my dog and more.

I see no real issue with making all study halls possible open hours, even if there is a caveat. Possible exceptions could be that this would only be an option for students with passing grades or only upperclassmen. This change would allow for the school to have fewer teachers monitoring study halls, as there would be fewer students to monitor, giving teachers more time as well. 

Ultimately, for students who can drive or can get a ride, open hours in the middle of the day would be very beneficial. It would allow us to spend less time sitting at desks, which is detrimental for our health, and it could save a lot of time in other areas of our lives.