Minnesota becomes a safe state

State bans conversion therapy


Anisa Kahin

Minnesota has become the 21st state to ban conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a pseudo-scientific belief in reversing homosexuality by using certain practices. Governor Tim Walz signed for conversion therapy to be banned, alongside bills allowing gender-affirming health care and protecting abortions. These bills have now made Minnesota a safe state for the LGBTQ+ community.

Conversion therapy stemmed from the belief that homosexuality and transgender identities were mental disorders that needed correcting. The “solution” to these “mental disorders” were counseling, physical punishment and sometimes surgery. As beliefs started to shift, so did the definitions of homosexuality and conversion therapy. Being queer started to become accepted, while conversion therapy was heavily criticized. This led to 21 states banning the act, but 21 states isn’t enough.

Queerness is still some of the highest debated topics in politics. As of now, 400 anti-trans bills have been introduced into 45 out of 50 states. Queerness isn’t a mental health issue, homophobia is the issue. Instead of having politicians argue on whether they believe that young children should be watching drag shows, we should be focusing on the true issues that affect American youth.

Understanding that some religious beliefs don’t align with being queer but doesn’t allow a state to have control on whether a person is deemed mentally sane or not. In most history classes, the students are taught to separate politics from religion. Any reason not to ban conversion therapy is a threat to human rights nationwide.

Conversion therapy isn’t a discussion that should be up to debate. There should be a nationwide ban on conversion therapy because being queer isn’t an “illness.” Identifying as queer is just being true to yourself. No one can choose who they love, so why punish people for something that is out of their hands? Being queer is a real thing and it is normal.