Letter to the Editor

Gender Equality Club leader strives for change

I am far too frequently asked why I co-founded the Gender Equality ‘Club’ (GEC) with Layna Crandell and Noa Raasch. I co-founded the group because I am passionate about human rights, including gender equality as an essential and necessary component.

I co-founded this group because, while neither are sanctioned by the SLP High School administration, students walk around school with naked women “covered” by a censor bar on their shirts on the 69th day of school while the GEC (of which only a few students were attending at this point) met that same day behind the gymnasium in secret and in the dark.

I co-founded this group because of friends and peers that said ‘it’s just really not my thing,” referring to GEC.

I co-founded this group because gender inequality is a serious issue at SLPHS that is swept under the rug and is seen as a non-issue.

I am requesting a call to action. We should all be interested in change because it is negatively affecting everyone at the school, whether we recognize it or not. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

While this may seem a frivolous or minor issue, it is important to remember to think globally and act locally. We have the right (even duty) to make positive change at our school as a means to affecting broader change worldwide.


senior Mary Pavia