Staff Editorial: Return to hybrid successful

Students come back to in-person classes at 50%


Emmy Pearson

Sophomore Mya Stanberry works on her assignments in the cafeteria during first hour Feb. 25. Cohort B returned for in-person learning on Feb. 25 and 26, while cohort A and cohort C remained online.

Park returned to hybrid learning at 50% capacity Feb. 22. Originally, grades 9 and 12 were to return first and 10 and 11 March 8, but after Gov. Tim Walz announced it was safe for schools to move at a faster pace, all grades were to come in at the same time.  The Echo Editorial Board believes the first week back to hybrid was successful for all grades. 

Hybrid learning has benefited many students by providing them with social interaction with their peers and teachers. It also gives students a break from screens and the same surroundings, while still having a structured schedule. 

In classrooms, teachers are ensuring the safety of everyone by spreading out desks and disinfecting after each class, which provides students with the safest hybrid experience Park possibly can. 

After class, students leave the classrooms and head out to the hallways, which can get crowded and overwhelming during passing time. Traffic is created in the hallways when students stop and talk to friends instead of going straight to their classes which causes some students to not feel as safe as they do in the classrooms. 

Students were given the option to attend in-person classes either in Cohort A or B, or to switch into Cohort C and remain in distance learning. Those that remain in Cohort C appreciate the option they are given. The option of staying in distance learning allows students to decide not to come into school and remain at home for safety reasons. 

The Echo Editorial Board applauds students and staff for following and enforcing COVID-19 guidelines and remaining safe during the first week of hybrid learning. Most understand the importance of staying safe in order to maintain hybrid learning as an option. 

In order for hybrid to continue, students need to keep following COVID-19 guidelines not only for their own safety, but for others as well.