Staff Editorial: Move to full-capacity forces for normalcy

Students need time to adjust


Jacob Perszyk

Students walking through the hallway to get to class on April 9. while COVID-19 cases rise, students feel conflicted going back to 100%.

Park returned back to 100 percent capacity April 12. Students will return four days a week, with Wednesdays remaining as a support day where they will only attend connections class. All classes will be synchronous and distance learning students will check in every day.

The structural changes that students have endured in the past months, going from in-person to distance, and hybrid learning, has been overwhelming. While many students are eager to go back, there are also many who thrived during distance learning, and are hoping there will be new ways that online learning can be implemented in regular years.

Although the return will be beneficial to many students, the transition is happening quickly after spring break, when a spike of cases has been seen nationally. Some students believe the return is happening too soon, and choose to remain online due to safety.  

The Echo Editorial Board believes it will take a while for students to adjust to a more regular schedule, so teachers should be understanding and more forgiving during this time. Staff are going through the same change, talking to friends and teachers for support will be beneficial for those that find themselves struggling. 

As many students struggle with motivation, it will take some time to be able to adjust to something closer to normalcy. Seeing peers and teachers will ease the transition for many students. 

In addition, Wednesdays proved to be helpful for many students, as it gave them the opportunity to contact their teachers, if needed, or catch up on their work for the week. Many hope to be able to keep Wednesdays off or have a similar support day given. 

Before, students had the option to come in before school for office hours. With distance learning and asynchronous hours, office hours took a shift and it became more beneficial for more students. Due to asynchronous time being eliminated, students found it resourceful when teachers would set aside class time for them to provide help, and many students hope more teachers will implement this. 

Students and staff should be aware that a lot of change is happening for everyone, so be understanding, adaptable and make sure to practice self-care.