Pursuit of the perfect homecoming dress

Wide range of stores to find what to wear at the dance

Evelyn Nelson

Buffalo Exchange:

2727 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Atmosphere: Considering Buffalo Exchange is a thrift store, keep in mind extra time may be needed to find a dress that caters to every style. The staff makes finding options simple and also offer changing rooms to try on at the store.

Quality: With brands ranging from H&M to Urban Outfitters, Buffalo Exchange is a cheaper way to find your higher-end dresses for any upcoming dance.

Price: Buffalo Exchange offers popular formal occasion dresses ranging from $10-30, a decent discount rate and perfect for buyers searching for an appealing yet affordable dress.


Nordstrom Rack:

8344 Minnesota 7, St Louis Park, MN 55426

Atmosphere: Located at Knollwood Mall, Nordstrom Rack is another fantastic way to find high-end dresses at costs cheaper than most retail prices. With help from the store’s involved employees, students can find dresses with ease that are geared towards their specific style.

Quality: Nordstrom Rack offers brands such as Topshop and J. Crew, a wide yet affordable variety compared to the dresses displayed at a regular Nordstrom.

Price: The prices at Nordstrom Rack range from $15-200, providing high-end items that are discounted up to half the original price. A great, local alternative for finding upscale brands customers seek for dresses.



3575 MN-100, St Louis Park, MN 55416

Atmosphere: Similar to Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill is also a nearby thrift store located in St. Louis Park. It may take longer to find the perfect dress among the store’s extensive selection, though they offer several changing rooms for easy decision making at the store itself.

Quality: Goodwill is a great option for those seeking a more vintage approach to Homecoming dresses, with a wide selection of brands, patterns, and styles for each person. Although Goodwill customers must sacrifice their designer-dress aspirations in exchange for inexpensive dresses.

Price: With prices mostly ranging from $5-20, Goodwill is the most affordable local option with great options for possible Homecoming dresses.


Dry Goods:


Southdale: 1576A Southdale Center Edina, MN  55435

Ridgedale: 1060 Ridgedale Center Minnetonka, MN  55305

Atmosphere:  Located at the Ridgedale Center and Southdale Center, Dry Goods has a very helpful staff and a sizable selection of options geared toward a multitude of styles. Dry Goods is the perfect place for students looking for a fun and new twist on the typical Homecoming dress.

Quality: Dry Goods’ dresses have a wide range of styles and fun patterns. The store also offers rompers, which are a combination of both a dress and shorts. They are an increasingly trendy substitute for the typical Homecoming dress.

Price: Dry Goods’ prices range from $40-200, offering affordable and higher end prices that target customers preferences. They also have a great online website for both an online experience and finding more discounts.




Lulus online “Fashion Lounge” is a great place to browse a large variety of formal dresses without leaving the house. Lulus is a size-friendly website, offering a multitude of formal dresses in colors and styles for any customer at decent prices. Shipping from the website takes around two to three business days to process, so make sure to order dresses in advance to give enough time to prepare for the dance. Lulus’ dresses can range from $20-100 and are worth the wait for the affordable, stylish items.