Junior earns nomination from MN Football Hub

Christian Arteaga’s devotion inspires others


Used with permission from Christian Arteaga.

Johanna Kaplan

Although he did not win the title, the work junior Christian Arteaga put in to be nominated for Defensive Player of the Week by MN Football Hub did not go unnoticed.

“I had a lot of people hitting me up over my phone about it and mentioning me on social media and everything to go vote for me. That love and support is really appreciated,” Arteaga said. 

According to Arteaga, becoming skilled at football and receiving an accomplishment like this requires a lot of hard work. He said that hopes for the future motivate him to practice in the offseason as well as put forth maximum effort. 

“I have serious dreams and goals in mind for my future and I wake up every day working harder and harder so I can achieve those goals someday,” Arteaga said. “Having a good mindset and having set goals of what I want my future to look like makes me work harder every day.” 

According to sophomore and teammate Henry Bendickson, Arteaga’s devotion and leadership sets an example for teammates. 

“He’s super inspiring to others. He’s a leader. He puts in a lot of hours that aren’t really seen much. He works very hard for what he wants, he goes to get it,” Bendickson said.

Having a good mindset and having set goals of what I want my future to look like makes me work harder every day.”

— Christian Arteaga

Head coach Jason Foster said he commends Arteaga for his commitment to football and talent for the sport.

“Just goes to show when you work hard, things happen for you, and he was fortunate to get nominated,” Foster said. 

According to Arteaga, football requires both individual effort and teamwork. He said that his recent achievements would not have happened without the help of teammates. 

“This is a sport where you know every player on the field counts on each team. You know it can’t be really just one or a few carrying the team; it’s a whole team effort,” Arteaga said. 

Foster said he is delighted to have Arteaga on the team and grateful to have him another year. 

“It’s just been a joy and a pleasure to coach him. He’s such a great kid on and off the field,” Foster said.