Athletic department prepares for year’s conclusion

Plans for the upcoming year in motion


Malaika Bigirindavyi

Athletic director Andrew Ewald works in his office in preparation for the end of the spring sports season.

Athletic Director Andy Ewald explains how the athletic department prepares for the end of the season by cleaning lockers, planning banquets, and getting ready for the fall sports season.

We make sure that our coaches get all the uniforms and equipment back from athletes. We make sure that we’re getting locks returned from athletes and that the lockers are all cleaned out and that the facilities are all cleaned up and taken care of,” Ewald said.

According to Ewald, despite the official sports season coming to an end, athletes are welcome to attend optional practices during the summer.

A lot of our programs will have voluntary practices where it’s optional for the students to come and take part in voluntarily,” Ewald said.

Ewald said the athletic department plans for the upcoming school sports season up to a year in advance and as of right now most of the schedules are finished.

“The schedules for next fall are about 98 percent finished and our schedules for the winter are about the same. Now we will start working on the spring. Scheduling wise we try to work at least a year in advance,” Ewald said

Athletic department’s secretary Britani Scherer said she will help wrap up the year by preparing certificates and materials for the end of the season banquets.

“I will do all of the awards for banquets and get certificates out for everyone and make sure that everything is in our system,” Scherer said.

Scherer said her role in planning for next year includes scheduling buses and starting the fall registration.

“For next year right now I am doing bussing, also football has started their registration already so I will just wait for those to come in and start getting those and other sports signed up for fall,” Scherer said.