Meet the athlete: Graham Campbell

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Meet the athlete: Graham Campbell

Maddie Lund

How did you get involved with eSports in the first place? And when did you get involved?

“I play video games at home and I am in a class with Mr. Utites and he told (his students) about this idea of doing competitive video gaming for a certain game we play and I was like ‘yes.’

How has eSports helped you?What do you gain from it?

Not me personally but I can see it in other people who aren’t in other sports. Our team captain doesn’t usually do other team sports, so this is a good learning experience for him to have more of a leadership role.

How can eSports help others?

So there are scholarships for people who want to do stuff after high school. There is something called the premier league which isn’t quite the pro level, but it is something to do to get to that pro level. It’s a level that is higher than high school and collegiate but not the pro level yet.

What do competitions look like? How do they work?

For our game, (competitions) are usually between 20 minutes to an hour. It really depends on what (game) you’re playing.

Do you believe eSports should be classified as a real sport?

I think it is a sport for those who don’t usually incorporate themselves into physical sports or those with other people essentially. The main reason I think (eSports) should be more of a sport is because you are conversing with your teammates and that gives you a sporting experience.

What are some of the most popular eSports games?

League of Legends, I mean it got more viewers than the NBA Finals last year for the world championships. And I would say the second most viewed is CSGO, which is Counter Strike Global Offensive, that seems to be pretty popular.

What are common misconceptions about eSports?

I think that people think that it takes zero skill, I mean ‘you’re just playing video games, and you’re a loser’ and stuff like that. I think people are getting used to the idea of more video games and how competitive they are getting.

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