Orioles lose to the Storm

Orioles take 3-0 loss against Chanhassen Storm


Lilly Fandel Thompson

Junior Tony Kruse passes the puck out of the defensive zone. Park took on Chanhassen in their final game of the Holiday Invitational Dec. 29.

Alicia Mainjeni, Anya Panday, and Maya Nieves

Park’s Orioles flew onto the ice for the third and final day of the 2022 Winter Invitational Tournament Dec. 29. The Orioles were up against the Chanhassen Storm for their third game of the tournament and their eleventh game of the regular season. Park ultimately took a 3-0 loss to the Chanhassen Storm.

Senior Miles Rider said he went into the game expecting a big loss and was surprised by the Orioles’ performance.

“Chanhassen is a really good team, I honestly thought they were going to smoke us but we played really good,” Rider said.

We had nothing to lose. They’re a good team and the best we can do is play them to the best of our ability.

— Thomas Mcgarvey

Assistant Coach Derek Camenga said he wasn’t concerned about the Storm’s.

“We knew they were good, but we also knew we hung in there with a lot of the good teams,” Camenga said. “I don’t think we were that concerned, we just needed to see who showed up today.” 

Junior Thomas Mcgarvey said players gave it their all on the rink, despite the Storm being a tough opponent.

“We had nothing to lose. They’re a good team and the best we can do is play them to the best of our ability,” Mcgarvey said.

According to Camenga, the Orioles’ goal was to compete on the rink regardless of the outcome.

“We can win, we can lose — the balances are going to go either way,” Camenga said. “We need to have a team that will compete with these other teams.”

According to Rider, playing games in a tournament is more of a high-stakes experience than a regular game.

“The games are back to back and you’re coming in a lot (more) tired,” Rider said. “There’s less anticipation for these games since they’re back to back.”

Mcgarvey said that the team was coming off of playing several games which was an important factor in their strategy. 

“We had to realize that we have three games in a row, we can’t change what we’re doing so we have to be confident in what we’re doing,” Mcgarvey said.

The Orioles’ next game is 7:00 p.m. Jan. 7 at the Victoria Rec Center.