Park suffers loss on youth night

Park loses 8-7 to Burnsville/Apple Valley


Jacob Martenson

Freshman Gretchen Fandell-Thompson runs out with a youth player before their game May 4. Girls lacrosse hosts an annual youth night to get younger players excited about girls lacrosse.

Park had a close game that ended in a 8-7 loss vs. Burnsville/Apple Valley May. Coach Andrew Polk said there is a lot of importance in the seven remaining games of this season.


“These games are going to be more important with only seven games left,” Polk said. “There is going to be good competition so we can work hard like we did last night against other teams and prove to them that we’re a good team and prove everyone wrong.”


Junior captain Margaux Pollock spoke on the game and how she thinks it went.


“That was a very winnable game and we did not play up to our capabilities,” Pollock said. “Completing passes, not turning the ball over in the attacking zone did a really great job, but we were sloppy overall.”


Polk said the team could’ve made more calculated decisions throughout the game.


“(We need to) play a little smarter,” Polk said. “We needed to clean up some of our things and just the attack could have worked a little harder and we’re going to dedicate practice to all that stuff next week.”


Sophomore Kate Grimm said the team did not live up to all of her expectations going into the game. 


“We met a couple of our expectations, but it definitely wasn’t all of them that we could have met,” Grimm said. ”As the seasons move on there’s more expectations and we try to execute them to our best ability but sometimes it doesn’t happen.”


Pollock spoke on how the team is going to prepare for the upcoming games.


“For the rest of the season we’re gonna prepare differently,” Pollock said. “Watch film, work on those mistakes and most importantly play as a team and motivate each other to make fewer errors and mistakes.”


Girls’ lacrosse’s next game is 6 p.m. May 9 at the St. Louis Park High School Stadium.