It’s about the journey, not the destination

My experience to committing for lacrosse

Lilly Fandel-Thompson

During my freshman year I entered my first club, True Lacrosse Minnesota, and within a couple of months I was already being taught about college recruitment. After being heavily involved in a sport that didn’t include preparing for competing at a higher level beyond high school, I was shocked that someone was bringing up the topic of college lacrosse, and unusually early. I was overwhelmed with the idea of making such a big decision, especially only being a freshman at the time. 

As I found myself discouraged by the immense amount of talent I saw in my teammates, I was writing off the idea of ever joining a college lacrosse team. For both my freshman and sophomore seasons, I was convinced I would never step foot on a college field. However, in the summer before my junior year, a new opportunity arose. I decided to transfer clubs, and there, my lacrosse career advanced beyond where it ever thought it previously would. It was at this new club that I grew as a player on and off the field, and began considering the idea of playing lacrosse in college. 

My now future college coach began heavily recruiting me in the fall of my junior year. He also happens to be my current club coach, which really proved to me that Saint Benedict would be the right place for me. Coach Crandall had expressed his desire for me to play on his college team to my mom first. After games at some fall tournaments he would talk to me, like I would with any other college coach. After some convincing I decided to tour the school, and loved the campus as well as all the school had to offer. 

A couple of months later, and after a lot of deliberation, I had decided college lacrosse at St. Bens was going to be my future home. I told Coach Crandall that I would love to claim a spot on the team he was offering me, which was the most exciting decision I have made up to this point in my life. The most exhilarating part for me was announcing to my friends and family. When I was able to share the news, the decision felt more real, and I was more excited for the four years after high school than I ever had been before. 

The entire commitment experience has been surreal. I never pictured myself with the opportunities I have today. I can confidently say being a student athlete at Park has affected me for the better. I am extremely grateful for the experience and knowledge I have gained from all my coaches and teammates, due in part to those at Park. I have grown the most as a player following the transition between my freshman and sophomore year, and gained some amazing new coaches. Our current high school coaches have instilled a level of confidence and love for the sport that I had lost after some tough experiences, and I truly wouldn’t be in this position without them. I am excited to be a part of a group of athletes from Park that move on to play their sport at the next level.