Out with the cold

Softball plays outside for first time this season


Ayelel Meyen

Senior Kamryn Halley prepares to receive a ball at second base April 19. Park’s softball team continued to compete despite the low temperatures.

Taylor Voigt and Alex Hoag

After being stuck inside for tryouts and the first few weeks of the season, Parks softball team had their first outdoor practice April 12. Players said that they are excited to be playing with their friends for another season.

Sophomore varsity player Gabby Fadden said the Minnesota weather has had an impact on where and when the team can play. 

“When we can get on the field depends on the weather,” Fadden said. “The snow has to melt and then it has to be melted for a couple days for the fields to be dry enough to play on. So right now we’re even experiencing the field possibly being postponed.” 

Not only does Minnesota weather have an affect on playing, so do Park’s resources. JV coach Kristin Johnson said Park has a disadvantage because playing in a gym is much different than playing in a dome or outside.

“I am shocked that we are outside today because I really didn’t think we would be practicing on a field yet,” Johnson said. “The disadvantage that we have is that we don’t have a dome. Some teams that have a dome have been able to get the space to play on artificial turf, whereas we’ve been stuck in a gym. It’s tough when you’re stuck inside — the balls don’t bounce the same, there’s certain drills you can’t do, but we know that other teams are in the same position that we are.”

Fadden said the best part of practice is being with friends outside of school.

“My favorite part of playing softball is the relationship that I build with my teammates and getting to spend time with them,” Fadden said.

Johnson said she enjoys coaching for the relationships she builds with kids outside of the school day.

“Coaching gives me a chance to build relationships with kids that I can’t get in the classroom,” Johnson said. “I enjoy working hard on making plays and quick thinking, and just seeing growth in the way that they play.”

Sophomore JV player Faye Miller said learning from last year’s mistakes will make the team better this season. 

“I love playing a sport that I like with my friends and getting better,” Miller said. “It’s going to be a better season than the last because we have new people and we can learn from our experiences from last season.” 

Johnson said she is expecting a better season because the team has had a year to improve and grow.

“It’s another season, another opportunity — the players are a year older so they’ve developed and grown since last season,” Johnson said. “Growth in maturity as human beings as well as maturity as players is going to show itself on the field.”

The next girls’ softball game is 4:30 April 21 against Mahtomedi at Mahtomedi High School.