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FCA discusses integrity

Senior Alex Hager and junior Michael Boxley hold hands in prayer Oct. 15 at FCA. FCA meets Tuesdays 8 a.m. in room A304.

Ruthie Posada

October 21, 2019

According to senior and club leader Jacob Brown, in the meeting of the Fellowship of the Christian Athletes Oct. 15, the topic of discussion was integrity. “In FCA (Fellowship of the Christian Athletes) today we went over a lesson of integrity,” Brown said. “We learned more about it (and) asked q...

Unlocked locker rooms alleviate inconvenience

Junior Evie Gutzke and freshman Coco Gutzke put their sports gear in regular school lockers the morning of Sept. 18. As of Sept. 23, the new policy allows students to put their equipment in the locker rooms before school.

Isra Mohamed

September 29, 2019

The new locker room policy put in place during the first few weeks of school prevented student athletes from using their athletic lockers before school, which proved inconvenient for their already busy schedules.  The administration recently updated the policy to allow student athletes to have time in ...

Club meeting experiences low turnout

Junior Fellowship of Christian Athletes' (FCA) co-leader Aaron Ellingson asks questions relating to their final devotional during a meeting Jan. 10 in A304. According to Ellingson, the next FCA event will be held Jan. 22.

Marta Hill, Noah Orloff, and Isabel Kjaer

January 15, 2019

According to junior Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ co-leader Aaron Ellingson, the meeting Jan. 10 had a lower turnout than normal. “I thought it went well. There were fewer people than are usually here—I think just because we had to reschedule, but it went well,” Ellingson said. Junior c...

Athletes seek recognition from school

Junior Annie Breyak and last year senior Savannah Kjaer practice a routine to prepare for last year's state meet.

Sofia Seewald

September 20, 2018

According to synchronized swimmer, junior Ava Tronson, who has competed at State multiple years with her team, her sport does not receive equal recognition for achieving the same goals as other Park teams. “Since the football team has never really been to State, it was nice the school recognized...

Boys’ ultimate low on numbers

Junior Sam Jensen prepares to throw the frisbee past a defender at practice Feb. 23.

Jenna Cook

March 30, 2018

Boys’ ultimate head coach Spencer Hagen said he is ready to teach an almost completely new team because he loves spreading his fondness of the sport. “The reason I’m a coach is because I love ultimate, and I love spreading the passion that I have for ultimate,” Hagen said. “I’m really e...

Student athletes benefit from practice during finals

Student athletes benefit from practice during finals

William Phelan

January 24, 2018

Waking up at 6 a.m. for a 6:30 lift before classes, going to classes, then practicing for 3 hours after school, and not getting home until 7; this is the life of an athlete. With this sort of a schedule, it can become difficult to find time for homework and studying. For student athletes who have rigor...

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