Club meeting experiences low turnout

Meeting provokes want for more attendance


Noah Orloff

Junior Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ (FCA) co-leader Aaron Ellingson asks questions relating to their final devotional during a meeting Jan. 10 in A304. According to Ellingson, the next FCA event will be held Jan. 22.

Marta Hill, Noah Orloff, and Isabel Kjaer

According to junior Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ co-leader Aaron Ellingson, the meeting Jan. 10 had a lower turnout than normal.

“I thought it went well. There were fewer people than are usually here—I think just because we had to reschedule, but it went well,” Ellingson said.

Junior co-leader Jacob Brown said Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is hoping more students will come through word of mouth and the club’s Instagram.

“We’re definitely advocating for more people. We have an Instagram called “slp_fca” that posts every meeting: when and where. Sometimes, I’ll mention it to my friends and people I know, always hoping to bring more people,” Brown said. “The more the merrier.”

Sophomore Caleb Stokes said FCA’s social aspect inspired him to join.

“I was looking for Christian friends that I could hang with, and I thought FCA was a good place to find them,” Stokes said.

Ellingson said FCA is currently working through a devotional that relates religion and sports.

“We are doing a plan right now—a devotional about dedicating our lives and our sports and everything to Christ. It was the fifth time of that, and the last one,” Ellingson said.  “We just talked about how, in our lives and through our sports, we can dedicate our lives to the Lord.”

According to Stokes, the meeting held Jan. 10 included theological prompts.

“This week we had certain devotional that we read, and the devotional had questions. We answered the questions, and then we end with prayer,” Stokes said.

Even if you’re not a Christian, you can come and just learn about the Christian faith. ”

— Aaron Ellingson

Brown said having a meeting after winter break was beneficial because it allowed the club to come back together.

“Overall, (the meeting) went good. It was nice to come back from break and talk about God with these people and being able to share God’s word,” Brown said.

Ellingson said students can come to FCA meetings even if they do not identify as Christian and still have a good experience.

“Even if you’re not a Christian, you can come and just learn about the Christian faith. Apart from that, the fact that we’re all athletes here. We can all relate from that perspective, which is great. Everyone learns a lot,” Ellingson said.

According to Ellingson, at the next meeting, FCA plans to start a new agenda, similar to the one they are currently doing.

“The next time we meet, we’ll most likely start a new plan. We have an app for FCA that has plans laid out, and we can find what thing we want to talk about,” Ellingson said.

FCA meets every other Tuesday at 8 a.m. in A304. The next meeting is Jan. 22.