Main gym, auditorium receive upgrades

Construction finishes in gym and auditorium


Emmy Pearson

Renovations have been completed for the Carl A. Holmstrom auditorium, with the addition of new lighting and backstage equipment November 2020. Recently, renovations were also completed for the main gym.

Aiden Cullumber

New renovations to Park’s main gym and auditorium provided a myriad of improvements for a variety of students, especially student-athletes and thespians. Junior Caroline Butler said she believes the new upgrades will enhance the experience of performances for the actors and for the audience.

“Everything is newer, we’ve had really old stuff in the auditorium forever,” Butler said. “So having a new set of materials will help to increase the production value.”

According to Patricia Magnuson, director of business services for the district, the auditorium upgrades consisted of a new rigging system, structural upgrades, new stairs to the stage, upgrading changing rooms, lighting, flooring, painting, mechanical upgrades, HVAC improvements, electrical upgrades and lighting control systems. The renovations cost a total of $4.1 million. The lighting system was the biggest improvement, being upgraded to an LED board.

The gym renovations consisted of new flooring, ceiling, painting, doors and hardware, mechanical upgrades, electrical upgrades, and minor repairs. The renovations cost a total of $1.1 million.

Athletic director Andy Ewald said the biggest upgrade was the installation of a new ceiling, which removed the problematic ceiling tiles.

It’s a huge upgrade from what it was before from a safety standpoint. . .There were multiple times where ceiling tiles would fall down,” Ewald said.

Senior Faith Johnson, who is a volleyball player, agrees as there were many issues with the ceiling during the season.

“(The tiles) were a huge plus because in volleyball matches they’d always either get popped out or they were just missing in general,” Johnson said.

Gym renovations were completed Nov. 4 and the auditorium was completed the week of Dec.1.