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$4 bet participant drops out

Sophomore Danny Shope tosses a frisbee to sophomore Joe Mcgurgan Dec. 12. Sophomore Luke Walsh dropped out of the bet leaving Shope, Mcgurgan and sophomore Blake Knudson left in the bet.

Sofie Geretz

February 9, 2020

Sophomore Luke Walsh said he dropped out of the $4 bet due to lunch changes and his friends’ payment for his departure. “After the start of second semester the four of us had different lunches and none of the others were in my lunch. I had some friends in my lunch that I convinced to go outside ...

$4 bet waged to outlast, brave elements

Sophomore Danny Shope looks to pass to fellow students Dec. 17. Sophomores Danny Shope Blanke Knudson, Joe Mcgurgan and Luke Walsh all placed a $4 bet to see who could eat lunch outside the longest during the school year.

Colin Canaday

January 8, 2020

The first snowfall of each year signifies many things, including the end of students sitting outside for lunch. But sophomores Danny Shope, Blake Knudson, Joe McGurgan and Luke Walsh are set on testing limits, according to Shope. “A few friends and I were eating outside for lunch in the fall, when it ...

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