$4 bet participant drops out

Scheduling proves to be an obstacle for sophomore


Sadie Yarosh

Sophomore Danny Shope tosses a frisbee to sophomore Joe Mcgurgan Dec. 12. Sophomore Luke Walsh dropped out of the bet leaving Shope, Mcgurgan and sophomore Blake Knudson left in the bet.

Sofie Geretz

Sophomore Luke Walsh said he dropped out of the $4 bet due to lunch changes and his friends’ payment for his departure.

“After the start of second semester the four of us had different lunches and none of the others were in my lunch. I had some friends in my lunch that I convinced to go outside with me,” Walsh said. “After a week they seemed bored of it so I asked them if I should just quit. They all said yes and some of them gave me money to cover the costs.”

According to Walsh’s friend, sophomore Robert Perelman, he and other friends were able to get Walsh to drop out of the bet once the temperatures lowered substantially.

“When it got really cold, we tried to convince him and that’s when he came inside,” Perelman said. 

Perelman said Walsh’s friends at lunch pooled together money to make up for Walsh dropping out of the bet.

“I think there’s at least three or four of us giving him $1,” Perelman said.

According to sophomore Blake Knudson, having only three people left in the bet helps his confidence moving forward.

“(I am) close to there. There’s only two people I’m competing against,” Knudson said. “It raised my confidence.”

Walsh said although he wasn’t happy leaving the $4 bet, but he found it worthwhile to be able to sit with his friends during lunch.

“I’m definitely upset that I’m the only one out but it wasn’t as fun after 1st semester ended,” Walsh said. “It’s also nice that I have more people to talk to now.”

Perelman said he doesn’t foresee any more members dropping out, as the rest have at least one other bet participant in their new lunch period.

“Most of them are in each other’s company,” Perelman said. “So I think that there’s at least two of them together.”

Knudson said the bet will keep going until next year if needed, until there is only one last person.

“It’s going to go as long as possible, so even if we make it through this year we’re going to do the year over until the last person (gets out),” Knudson said.