$4 bet waged to outlast, brave elements

Four sophomores challenge each other’s limits


Sadie Yarosh

Sophomore Danny Shope looks to pass to fellow students Dec. 17. Sophomores Danny Shope Blanke Knudson, Joe Mcgurgan and Luke Walsh all placed a $4 bet to see who could eat lunch outside the longest during the school year.

Colin Canaday

The first snowfall of each year signifies many things, including the end of students sitting outside for lunch. But sophomores Danny Shope, Blake Knudson, Joe McGurgan and Luke Walsh are set on testing limits, according to Shope.

“A few friends and I were eating outside for lunch in the fall, when it was still warm outside. We started to wonder how long we could stay outside and if they would ever kick us out and make us sit back inside,” Shope said.

Shope said the bet only progressed from there, eventually incentivized with money.

“We decided to each put a dollar in on it, and whoever stays out the longest gets (it all). It escalated, (and) I never thought it would get this far,” Shope said.

Sophomore Beau Finley said he is entertained by the prospect of the bet.

“It’s really funny (to watch) because they also play ultimate frisbee in the snow (during lunch),” Finley said.

According to Shope, rules have been put in to place to expedite the process.

“We can vote to make it illegal to wear certain things.  We could say ‘all in favor of not wearing mittens’ and if a majority of the people agree, then you can’t wear mittens,” Shope said.

Even with the safeguards, Shope said he completely believes in his odds.

“I think my chances are 100 percent. I have complete confidence,” Shope said.  “My strategy is just having a really high pain tolerance and bringing as many layers as possible.”