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Staff Editorial: Iowa Caucus produces muddled results

Photo Illustration by Emily Ziessman. The Iowa Caucus Feb. 3 failed to announce a winner for several days and was riddled with technical and human errors.

February 11, 2020

In light of the Iowa Caucus controversy — where nearly everything went wrong — changes must be made to the overall nominating process for the Democratic Party. The Caucus Feb. 3 initially planned to announce a winner by evening, but issues arose surrounding the use of a relatively new and untested ...

Impeachment reverberates locally

A majority of the impeachment inquiry is taking place at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Noah Orloff, Mushtaq Barqab

December 25, 2019

After the full House voted to officially impeach President Donald Trump, the recent political discourse has called into question the effect of national politics on Park. According to social studies teacher Jill Merkle, impeachment has generated varying degrees of interest among students. “In gen...

Impeachment splits country

Impeachment splits country

Tobias Khabie

October 7, 2019

Speaker Nancy Pelosi rattled the country when she announced House Democrats would be moving forward with the impeachment process of President Trump. By doing this, Pelosi has created even more drama in Washington and the country is now as divided as ever.  According to the New York Times, this move c...

Migrants in caravan deserve an opportunity

Art by Maggie Klaers

Talia Lissauer

December 3, 2018

Stereotypes are all around us, they generalize people. Immigrants and refugees have been given a terrible stereotype that has stuck with them: all immigrants are criminals and rapists. This stereotype is enforced by President Trump. When he started his campaign, he said Mexico and South America aren't ...

Lavar Ball, Donald Trump feud childish

Lavar Ball, Donald Trump feud childish

Jacob Stillman

December 13, 2017

On Nov. 6, UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested while on the team’s preseason exhibition game in Shanghai, China for shoplifting from three stores near their team hotel in Hangzhou, China, according to Sports Illustrated. According to Yahoo Sports, the players were headed for 3-10 years in jail. During this time, U.S....

Concerns arise over possible birth control legislature

Concerns arise over possible birth control legislature

Maddie Lund and Emma Yarger

November 15, 2017

According to senior Khyla Bonine, changes to the Affordable Care Act may inhibit her ability to receive birth control. “I get (birth control) through that state aid insurance so I’m in a low income household. I might not be able to get it anymore at all,” Bonine said. “I might have to pay...

Fate of Americans still jeopardized after first year of Trump

Fate of Americans still jeopardized after first year of Trump

Hadeal Rizeq

November 8, 2017

On this exact day last year, I couldn’t help but notice the disbelief and shock I felt as I saw Donald Trump win the presidential election. During that moment, I envisioned disaster and greed in the way our country was going to be led. Currently, the more I hear about President Donald Trump’s statements...

Trump’s decision on transgender soldiers backfires

Trump’s decision on transgender soldiers backfires

Maximilian Bechtold

September 10, 2017

At the 2016 Republican National Convention in July, President Trump vowed that he, as president, would do everything in his power to protect LGBTQ+ citizens. About a year later, Trump unilaterally tweeted all transgender people could no longer serve in the military. Trump’s transgender ban was an att...

Opinion: Future of education lies with DeVos

Opinion: Future of education lies with DeVos

William Phelan

March 7, 2017

Donald Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos as secretary of education is the best cabinet decision he has made thus far. DeVos, most known for her adamant support of charter schools and the school choice initiative, was a frustrating choice for many Americans because of her lack of support for urban pub...

Trump’s choice for Defense returns idea of American exceptionalism

Trump’s choice for Defense returns idea of American exceptionalism

Adah Koivula

January 5, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump recently nominated four-star General James Mattis, affectionately known as ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, to be his Secretary of Defense in one of his best choices thus far in his transition to the Oval Office. After eight years of American weakness, the message of returning str...

Rubio, Sanders win Minnesota caucuses

Raphy Gendler

March 3, 2016

St. Louis Park citizens, including many Park students, packed schools and community centers to caucus for presidential candidates on Super Tuesday. On a night dominated by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump across the country, Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) members caucused for Bernie Sanders and Republican ...

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