Destress Club continues on

Members reflect on successful year



Seniors Bella Birkeland, Ayanna Nathan and Caroline Garland talk about destress through music. This was Destress Club's last meeting, and included a music therapist.

Lucy zumBrunnen

As school comes to an end, senior co-president Bella Birkeland reflects on Destress Club’s success this year. Although she had the best intentions, Birkeland said sometimes plans didn’t work out.

“Something that (made) the club not work out is that since it’s far from the school and it really limits who can come,” Birkeland said.

Birkeland said lack of transportation and bad weather can be an obstacle for people who wished to attend the club meetings.

“If you don’t have a car, especially in winter, you can’t really come to Destress Club. Unless you know someone who’s older who has a car,” Birkeland said.

As Birkeland sees the year come to an end, she predicts where she thinks Destress Club will go from here.

“I think The Nest is going to take it over. I talked to some students but I think the idea of taking over the club scared them,” Birkeland said.

Senior co-president Ayanna Nathan said the students who would be attending  Destress Club frequently can’t make it because of their busy schedules.

“The people who need it the most can’t make it. Most of them are busy with sports and other activities,” Nathan said.

Nathan said she went through her own struggle to find time to attend the club.

“I participated in all three shows this year. So I wasn’t really able to be there as much as I wanted to be, and as much as I needed to be,” Nathan said.

 According to Nathan, she remembers who successful the club was in th past.

“I remember the club being mostly underclassmen and it was also at the school so buses would come, and five minutes later the meeting would start. People would just show up, it was easier,” Nathan said.

Despite the difficulty of attending Destress Club, senior Caroline Garland said her experience was limited with her busy schedule.

“I’m one of those people who is stressed out and has too much to do and I can never really come to Destress Club,” Garland said.