Tax bill neglects Americans in need

Legislative decision hurts working class


Emma Yarger

The new tax bill passed by the House of Representatives is ridiculous to say the least. A legislative proposal that solely benefits President Trump and his rich cronies is the exact opposite of making America great.

Americans fall into seven different tax brackets depending on their income. The lowest tax bracket will have no tax cuts with the new bill while the highest tax bracket will receive a 2.6 percent cut in their tax payments.

This is an extremely unequal economic decision because 27 million households fall into the lowest tax bracket while less than one million fall under the highest.

A decision that neglects almost 10 percent of Americans is irresponsible, corrupt and destructive. This bill continues to disadvantage the lower classes of our society and allows higher class citizens to use their privilege to make themselves richer.

Furthermore, large corporations will receive a 14 percent tax cut, according to the Tax Foundation. This provides an incentive for large companies to keep out- sourcing, potentially weakening the American economy this bill is supposedly fixing.

Lawmakers are letting down their constituents with these new tax laws. Representatives generally run on the platform to help the working citizen. Contrary to their promises, it is middle class individuals and families who will suffer because of this bill.