Asynchronous days should be present every week

Break from school is beneficial for many

Jordyn Deschamps

With the days leading up to the asynchronous day Nov. 17 because of conferences, I was  excited to finally have a day off. It felt like a breath of fresh air after not having one for so long. Now, I feel that it would be beneficial for lots of people if asynchronous days stay. 

After having Wednesdays off last year, it took time to adjust to the traditional schedule this year. I was excited to learn of the asynchronous day as I could finally have a day to catch up on my work. 

Being back after a year of online school, it was hard to get back into a routine of getting my work done on time, and I found myself falling behind in all my classes. Having the asynchronous days helped a lot. It allowed me to get caught up and even get started on new assignments that were not yet due. 

Another reason why asynchronous days should stay is because it gives students an opportunity to take care of themselves. For instance, students can sleep in, or do whatever they need to do for themselves. Students can use the flexible time to do whatever they need. 

Having asynchronous days can also give you an opportunity to catch up with old or new friends, or even go to visit your grandparents. It’s also a good time to connect back with your teachers to get one-on-one help with assignments. 

Asynchronous days should stay because they give you a little breather. Weekdays can be hectic and filled with things that could give you stress. Instead of being inside and on electronics all day, you can go outside and enjoy the grass, or snow if it’s winter, and the fresh air. 

Overall, having asynchronous days can give people something to look forward to and can play a role in taking away high levels of stress. With having more Wednesdays off, it would positively impact the academic and mental well-being of students.