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‘Star Wars’ rises again

Fair use from Lucasfilm LTD.

Harris Keekley

January 22, 2020

With the new “Star Wars” movie, “Rise of Skywalker”, came the return of Lando and many others from previous movies as well as new elements to the force added with the release of the movie. “Rise of Skywalker” answered questions that were on everyone's mind and gave redemption after the p...

‘The Witcher’ highlights the potential for fantasy genre

Fair use from Netflix: Geralt (Henry Cavill) fights the outcast princess Renfri (Emma Appleton). During the fight, Renfri tells Geralt information that will gain additional significance through the progression of the show.

Henry Brettingen

January 16, 2020

“The Witcher” combines fluid combat with extensive world building to successfully immerse viewers. The show, which isa Netflix original, is based upon a successful book as well as video game series. The plot follows a monster hunter, otherwise known as a witcher, named Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) ...

‘Harley Quinn’ entertains, delights

Fair use from DC: Harley Quinn fights to be admitted into the Legion of Doom to exact revenge on Joker. In order to do this, Quinn recruits a team of villains.

Henry Brettingen

January 16, 2020

“Harley Quinn” is a show focusing on the adventures of Harley Quinn after she realizes how abusive the Joker is and strikes off on her own. The show successfully uses the dynamic between Quinn and her friends to create a unique dynamic which gives the show a tone similar to that of “Deadpool”.   ...

‘You’ season two turns tacky

Fair use from Netflix

Maddie Schutte

January 13, 2020

After leaving me hooked and desperate for my questions to be answered after the first season of “You,” the second season failed to come close to my expectations for the show.  The main character, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), tries to better himself this season, making it boring and frustrating ...

‘Rare’ shows new side of Selena Gomez

Fair use from Interscope Records: Cover album for

Sadie Yarosh

January 13, 2020

Selena Gomez’s newest album “Rare” released Jan. 10 is an upbeat, joyful album that will make you want to get out of your seat and dance.  Five years since her last album, Gomez comes back a new person. There have been many obstacles she has had to overcome including heartbreak, depression and...

‘Little Women’ strikes a chord

Fair use from: The four March sisters Meg (Emma Watson), Jo (Saoirse Ronan), Amy (Florence Pugh) and Beth (Eliza Scanlen) embrace each other on Christmas day in the new film

Ben Sanford

January 13, 2020

To say my experience watching the 2019 version of “Little Women” was a positive one would be a vast understatement. My excitement to see the film started long before I sat in the theater. The star studded cast, well-crafted trailers, raving reviews and the touching source material had me optim...

Luigi checks into the Last Resort

Fair use from Nintendo. 'Luigi's Mansion 3' was released Oct. 31, 2019

Harris Keekley

January 10, 2020

Nintendo released their third entry into the “Luigi’s Mansion” series, Oct. 31, 18 years after the original “Luigi's Mansion” was released on the Nintendo GameCube. In “Luigi’s Mansion 3,” Luigi ventures into the last resort to check in with Mario, Peach and three Toads, but during ...

‘Nancy Drew’ proves entertaining for fans and newcomers alike

Fair use from CW Network

Svea Bleske

January 7, 2020

As a longtime fan of the “Nancy Drew” mysteries, I was excited when I found out CW was making a series based off the books. The series follows Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann), a college student who is thrown into a murder case when the wife of a famous businessman is found dead in a diner parking lot. Wi...

‘The Mandalorian’ is out of this world

Fair use from Disney. Mando avoids gunfire during

Noah Orloff

December 30, 2019

When reflecting on my childhood, I can recall having a strong passion for “Star Wars.” My favorite character had always been Jango Fett, a member of the Mandalorian people. When I first heard there would be a television series focused on a Mandalorian bounty hunter, I was very excited. “The Ma...

Harry Styles defines sound with ‘Fine Line’

Fair use from: Columbia Records

Maddie Schutte

December 30, 2019

Harry Styles’ new album “Fine Line” will break your heart and put it back together with its straightforward lyrics and retro pop-rock sound. Styles released the 12 track album Dec. 13 and stunned the world with an amazing display of talent.  “Golden” starts off the album and draws listeners in with a ...

‘Knives Out’ portrays unique mystery

Fair use from Lionsgate Films: The Thrombey family poses with their patriarch and famed mystery author, Harlan Thrombey. Soon the family would be divided by the conditions of Harlan's death.

Henry Brettingen

December 28, 2019

“Knives Out” is a stimulating, well executed experience. The film is populated by both interesting and flawed characters, as well as a twist on the mystery genre. “Knives Out” is a story about the apparent suicide of renowned mystery author Harlan Thrombey. Just as the police are about to...

‘Cats’ got my tongue

Fair use from Universal Pictures. According to Vogue, Victoria Hayward, a Royal Ballet principal dancer, made her debut acting performance in “Cats.” She played Victoria, the abandoned cat that the Jellicile cats befriend.

Maggie Klaers

December 22, 2019

The opening number of "Cats" left me searching for the exit. I was thrown into a plotless show with a sudden dance number and no explanation. From the very beginning, the bizarrely designed costumes burned my eyes. Even after finishing the entirety of the movie, I still cannot wash the image of the...

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