Natural Helpers prepares for upcoming interviews

Group works to bring back last year’s members

Yonit Krebs and Lauren VonEschen

After joining Natural Helpers because of a teacher recommendation, senior Kamia Guy said she loves the leadership position she stepped into last year.

“At first I didn’t know what (Natural Helpers) was, but then a teacher recommended it and I like to help people a lot so I was like ‘O.K., maybe this is a good opportunity,’” Guy said.

Guy said Natural Helpers’ leaders faced difficulties preparing for the school year and plan to work on retaining last year’s members.

“Last year it wasn’t so good and we lost a lot of people and now we’re trying to get them back,” Guy said.

According to Natural Helpers’ adviser Andrew Carlson, one difference from last year are monthly goals, which are goals that allow Natural Helpers’ members to create a welcoming atmosphere.

new-piktochart_16338884_07e7b9cc6943423d057434c7b13b9b54c721f90d“(The monthly goals) are goals that mostly our senior and junior leadership are going to come up with that they feel would be a good goal for their fellow peers in the group to have,” Carlson said.

According to Guy, the process of joining Natural Helpers involves not just filling out an application and turning it in, but also completing an interview with the club’s leadership.

“We’ll have interviews with three presidents and then a teacher and then we’ll just interview you and then basically go off how good we think they are, like what they bring to the group,” Guy said. “We like to call each other a family, and we’ll ask a personal question like what experience or events have happened that you think you can help somebody else with.”

Natural Helpers’ leadership ensures students joining are capable of and will be successful in helping others and receive adequate training, Carlson explained. He said the Natural Helpers’ leadership achieves this through interviews scheduled before students actually join the group.

“We are getting ready to prepare for interviews for those students that want to potentially join the group and we’ve scheduled our first training for the year for Friday, Oct. 28,” Carlson said.

According to Guy, Natural Helpers plans to schedule their interviews the last week of September. To join Natural Helpers, talk to adviser Andrew Carlson to receive an application and set up an interview.

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