Club approval board accepts new applicants

New Club presidents look forward to successful year

Izzy Leviton

Senior president of Feminism Club Kirby Goodman feels excited she had the opportunity to start a club in a topic she feels passionate about.

According to athletic director Andy Ewald, students who were interested in starting a club met with a club approval committee Nov. 2.

“(Students) presented (their clubs) to Kari Schwietering, Scott Meyers, Sean Matthews,  Lauren Buxton and myself, and then we processed it afterwards and then we communicated to them that they got approved,” Ewald said.

Goodman said prior to the meeting she had to fill out paperwork and find students who were interested in joining Feminism Club.

“I had to get a packet of papers from the athletic office and fill them out. I had to find an adviser and then find at least 15 members. Then I had to have an interest meeting and turn all my forms in,” Goodman said.

Ewald said the meeting helps the committee understand the details of the potential clubs.

“You can only put so much on paper, so for people (to be at the meeting) to advocate for their club and be able to answers other questions with more specifics I think just helps in general,” Ewald said.

According to Ewald, American Sign Language Club, Model United Nations, Dance Team Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Feminism Club and Ping Pong Club were approved after being reviewed following the meeting.

According to junior co-presidents of Ping Pong Club, Rafferty Kugler and Jacob Stillman, their newly approved club will be a good addition to the school.  

Kugler said the new club provides a welcoming environment for students to play a fun game.

“I think (Ping Pong Club) will contribute a fun and relaxed place for anyone to come and engage in a non-physical and exciting game,” Kugler said.

Goodman said she hopes her new club will be a place to educate and have conversations.

“(Feminism Club) is hoping to not only have an area for discussion and reflection on what is going on with feminism right now, but also hope to do some education and some community service for feminism in the community,” Goodman said.

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