Book club encourages members to join

First discussion scheduled for mid-March


Caroline Green

A student reads “The Serpent King” in preparation for the upcoming book discussion. The book club’s next meeting takes place March 14.

Media Specialist and book club adviser Ellen George said she researches many different books and only chooses those with stellar reviews.

“The next book is “The Serpent King” by Jeff Zentner,” George said. “I always pick the books (based) on how many fabulous reviews they get.”

According to junior Chava Buchbinder, book club reads books with diverse genres throughout the year.

“(Book club picks) a wide variety of books (with) many different genres so other people are able to enjoy at least one type,” Buchbinder said. “We get to expand our horizons.”

George said new members can sign up for book club by giving their contact information to Deb Sparling at the front desk in the Library Media Center.

“Anyone who is interested comes and picks up the book,” George said. “You just sign up (in the Library Media Center) so we can remind you when the discussion is.”

Junior Ubah Abdullahi said book club encourages and allows all students to join.

“If you’re interested in books and you like reading it’s a great place to be,” Abdullahi said.

According to George, book club received a grant this school year to help purchase selected books.

“This year I have a grant and I’ve been able to give people the books to build your own library,” George said.

Buchbinder said the grant gives members of book club the option to keep or return the books they read.

“We get to keep the books afterwards,” Buchbinder said. “If we enjoy them we get to read them many times, or we give them back and other people get to use them.”

George said she chose a more contemporary book for the upcoming discussion.

“(The Serpent King is about) three young adults in a small town (with) different things going on in their lives,” George said. “It’s how their lives intertwine and how they deal with big issues.”

According to Buchbinder, book club brings people with similar interests together.

“It’s a really fun way of getting to talk to other people about (different) types of books,” Buchbinder said. “It’s just cool to have something in common with people in that aspect.”

The club is planning on meeting Mar. 14 in the morning in the LMC for the discussion on “The Serpent King.”