Job postings give students a chance to earn cash

Businesses post flyers outside B220


Esther Gendler

Job opportunities for students posted on the bulletin board outside B220.

Sophomore Ana Ambrecht said she often runs into difficulty trying to find a job at her age and skill level when students don’t know businesses willing to hire.

“For me, especially, finding a job is hard because of my age. I am pretty young for a sophomore,” Ambrecht said. “Age for really anyone in high school (makes it difficult to find jobs), because we’re not as experienced as adults or people over 18. It’s hard to find businesses that hire students.”

Career and college coordinator Kara Mueller said businesses will contact her when they need student workers.

“What the job board is for, is whenever a company calls us and says, ‘Hey we’re looking for students to work for our organization, can you help me out?’ Then we post that company on our board,” Mueller said.

Ambrecht said having a job gives students financial independence and allows them to spend time with friends without worrying about getting money.

“Students want money that they can have for themselves, that they really can’t ask their parents for,” Ambrecht said. “For example, if you want to go out with friends and eat somewhere, your parents typically don’t want to provide you with that kind of money.”

Mueller said Park students have done exceptionally well with these companies.

“These business professionals over the years have hired our students. They love St. Louis Park students,” Mueller said. “Our students have excelled so well, that they’ve taken an opportunity they’ve gotten here and literally worked for companies while they’ve gone through college and gotten re-hired and it’s a part of their networking, their resume building; It’s insane.”

Junior Thomas Rainey said he believes businesses need all the help they can get.

“These businesses that hire students are desperate for any kind of hands, whether they’re big or small,” Rainey said. “They love having workers.”  

Mueller said the job board contains an expanse of jobs for students to pick from.

“We get big companies like Noodles. We get a lot of the nursing homes who want people in the culinary area to serve food to the people at the homes,” Mueller said. “It’s a wide range (of job opportunities).”

According to Mueller, job postings are outside her room, B220, and if students see a job that intrigues them, they can take the flyer directly from the board.