Roots and Shoots sprouts up once again

Environmental club continues to focus on awareness and action


Caroline Green

Junior Casey Kreie inspects the aquaponics system during the first Roots and Shoots meeting Sept. 19.

Caroline Green, Elise Riley, and Isaac Wert

Sitting in her first Roots and Shoots meeting, junior Cailey Hanson-Mahoney felt inspired by the group’s goal of combating climate change.

“Climate change is an issue that I’m really passionate about because we’re going to be living with it for generations. There are things that I’ve gotten to see in my lifetime that my kids and grandkids may not get to see. Some of the most important things in my life could be gone in 50 years,” Mahoney said. “I’m really excited to be a part of this club.”

Lukas Wrede, a senior member of Roots and Shoots, said he felt accomplished with the student turnout at the club’s first meeting of the year, on Sept. 19.

Wrede said the club brainstormed and discussed ideas for the year during its first meeting.

“We just wanted to get a feel for the people; we had a really good turnout, lots of people came. Also, (we did some) envisioning, planning what we want to do this year,” Wrede said. “Clean energy in the school district is a big (idea) and implementing clean energy practices for the Climate Action Plan.”

According to Wrede, the Climate Action Plan works to reduce St. Louis Park’s carbon footprint to zero emissions.

“It’s like a 40 page document that the city has come up with. It talks about goals in the city, how we can get there. The overall goal is to get to net zero emissions by 2040 and then the Climate Action Plan talks about what percent of those current emission are from energy, cars, from whatnot,” Wrede said.

Wrede said Roots and Shoots will be heavily involved in supporting the Climate Action movement.

“Part of the Climate Action Plan was that students have to be involved, that we’re not going away and we’re going to push the city,” Wrede said.

According to Mahoney, she hopes the clubwill spark action against climate change in the community.

“I’d love to see more policy at the local level and get more involved in the community,” Mahoney said.

Roots and Shoots adviser Al Wachutka said he would like to see a recycling initiative at St. Louis Park High School during the coming year.

“I’d like to get our recycling ofpaper so that we can actually be confident that it gets recycled,” Wachutka said.

For those interested in joining the club, students can find and talk to Wachutka in room A315.