Journalism society returns to Park   

Quill and Scroll introduces new opportunities


Brooklyn Donelson

Echo staffers Hannah Leff and Raquel Fhima work on the latest cycle of the Echo Newspaper in the publications room. The next cycle of the Echo comes out October 25.

Hadeal Rizeq

Junior managing editor Dani Orloff said she is looking forward to Echo staffers collaborating with Echowan staffers.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for student journalists to be recognized and have (Quill and Scroll) because (the club) also includes people that are on Echowan staff,” Orloff said. “It’s a great way for us to be together, since we are all student journalists.”

According to Orloff, Quill and Scroll is administered in Iowa, and some of the activities involved include community projects.

“(Quill and Scroll) is through the University of Iowa and there are multiple chapters, so it’s widely known,” Orloff said. “It’s very service based, so student journalists will be able to do different service opportunities within the community and help get service hours.”

According to Echo adviser Lori Keekley, Quill and Scroll existed at the high school for some time before this year.

“(There) already (was) a national charter, so I figured it would be a good thing to do, especially since it’s focused on service and leadership,” Keekley said.

Keekley said she has been wanting to bring the club back to Park for a while after several years.

“It’s something that (has) been on my mind to do, (and when) I went to a convention this summer and I learned we had the charter, I was like ‘hey we should do it,” Keekley said.

Echowan staffer Stefany Perez said she thinks Quill and Scroll is a great fit for student journalists who enjoy their experiences on a publication.

“(The student journalists) can get more knowledge, (since) it’s that (kind of) group of people are just doing journalism, and then they can work together, because they have the same kind of  thinking,” Perez said.

Orloff said because of the requirements, students who want to join must have already had experience on either Echo or Echowan.
“I think the first step is joining a publication at school because then you’ll see if you’re interested, and I think that’s the best way to get your feed,” Orloff said. “Then once you’re dedicated, you can take that next step and join Quill and Scroll.”

According to the Quill and Scroll website, other than service hours, student journalists are eligible for scholarships and awards by contests as well, either through the Yearbook excellence contest or the  International Writing, Photography and Multimedia Contest and Blogging Competition.

According to the Quill and Scroll website, Available scholarships include the Edward J. Nell Memorial award and a collection of George and Ophelia Gallup awards, which are available to only seniors.

Orloff said she and Keekley thought participating in a Toys for Tots drive would be a great start for group service projects.

“One of the ideas for this semester was to do (a) Toys for Tots service project in honor of the Mathews family, possibly helping out and volunteering for that,” Orloff said.

Orloff said she highly advises all student journalists to pursue this opportunity.

“(Since the staffers) are already a part of the student publications, I think through this club, they are able to get other opportunities nationally like leadership opportunities and scholarship opportunities,” Orloff said. “So I think people should take an advantage of that.”
The first Quill and Scroll meeting is 8 a.m. Oct. 26 in room C363.