Positive outlook for new finance club

Group comes together to learn about money, investment


Danny Shope

Finance Club co-founder James Vournakis creates a plan for the meetings Nov 3. Finance Club plans to learn about the stock market and market trends.

Danny Shope, Liam Woodward, and Jacob Khabie

Looking for ways to pursue his passion for finance and investment, senior and finance club co-president James Vournakis said he decided to start the club with his friend.

“I was super interested in finance and investing last year, and so was my friend Marcus (Hosfield). We decided that we wanted to share our interests with other people, so we came up with the idea to start (the finance club) last year,” Vournakis said. 

The finance club meets every Wednesday, and it is a place for people with all levels of knowledge to learn more about business, money and investment. According to adviser Scott Miller, the club is a great place to learn things you wouldn’t otherwise in school.

“A lot of Americans aren’t aware of the number of financial decisions that they’ll have to make as adults and especially about retirement,” Miller said. “This club is making an effort to try to learn some of those lessons and I think it’s great they’re doing it while they’re still in high school.”

Senior Sam Steffy said he was excited to get a head start on learning about earning money. 

“I want to be able to start early and make money. Making money will allow me to open up opportunities to have a better life,” Steffy said. “As I earn money, it will grow into even more money.”

According to Miller, the club shows a lot of promise and he is excited to see where it goes. 

I’m looking forward to making new connections with new people and being able to come together and enjoy a topic. It’s just a fun space. It’s not too serious. If you’re interested in finance, it’s a place to talk and learn about it.

— James Vournakis

“These are outstanding young people that want to build a future and knowledge in business and finance,” Miller said. “I thought it would be a good opportunity (to advise them).”

After going to the club’s first meeting, Steffy said he is looking forward to attending more. 

“We just had our first meeting and I see some good hope in our club. It’ll be an exciting thing. I hope to learn a lot,” Steffy said.

Aside from being a place to learn about finance, Vournakis said the club is a great space to spend time with people with shared interests and form new friendships.

Students can join the finance club or get more information by emailing James Vournakis at [email protected].